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Ecommerce Software

Whitebox's proprietary technology gives brands the flexibility, transparency and speed to increase sales, reduce costs and enhance decision-making.

The Best Ecommerce Software for Marketplace Management and Fulfillment

Data silos are holding your ecommerce business back. If supply is divorced from demand, you’re missing out on opportunities to scale your business and grow customer relationships. Whitebox’ proprietary technology is the only solution to unite order management, marketplace demand, insights and decisioning tools in one powerful platform. Reduce shipping, kitting and packaging costs with centralized supply. Seize sales faster than your competition, everywhere your customers are. Use unified insights to build the agile and envied business of your dreams.

See the Whole Picture

Without demand, your inventory isn’t going anywhere. And, without inventory, you can’t grow your business. Whitebox's technology connects both sides of the business so you can sell more products and fulfill more orders.

Inventory Management Solutions for DTC and Wholesale

  • Smart fulfillment anywhere: Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Shopify, Costco, BJ’s, Target, Wayfair, Your Brand Site + More.
  • Pool inventory to fulfill any channel with built-in integrations for direct-to-consumer, wholesale and subscription.
  • Set alerts to auto-replenish so you’re never out of stock.
  • Streamline returns with total transparency.
  • Optimize shipping to get the best rates as close to customers as possible.

Marketplace Management for Amazon and Walmart

  • Test appetite for multi-packs or kits before they exist and without spending a dime.
  • Spot trends in reviews in real time to inform product listing, labels or development.
  • Track customer lifetime value and journey across all your channels.
  • Move customers from Amazon to your site with custom promotions and deals.
  • Understand promo code and sales performance down to the SKU.

Our Platform

Marketplace Insights Across Customers & Channels

Uncover insights to enhance marketing, operations, and product decision-making.

  • See sales trends across all channels or zoom into a single market.
  • Identify top-selling products across all channels and by specific channel.
  • Track inventory levels and replenish supply where most needed before it runs out.
  • Get actionable intel on which ads are moving which products.

"Access to data and meaningful insights are essential for a small business like ours. Whitebox's Omnifi has been a huge leap forward in our understanding of what's working and what's not when it comes to our advertising performance, the competitive landscape, consumer demographics, and so much more. The best part is that the Whitebox team helps us make sense of all the data, allowing us to focus on the most important insights to move our business forward. - Jeremy Sherman, Marketing & E-Commerce Manager, SNACKLINS"

SELL: Marketplace Management Tools

Access tools to automate and simplify the management of your online marketplaces

  • Review Alerts and Insights 
  • Bulk Tools
  • Product CMS
  • Order Tracking 
  • Review Management Alerts
  • Reseller Tracking 

"Working with Whitebox has made us a more effective organization and allowed us to refocus internal resources on what we do best. From channel strategy to actual product listings, enhanced brand content, advertising, and Amazon prep, Whitebox covered everything. We tested and created new strategies and variety packs specific to our product lines, and saw improvements in our margins and growth in sales. What really sets Whitebox apart are the people and its smart tech which provides transparency that allows for true partnership and a win/win relationship."

- Lucas Crowley, Director of Sales and Marketing, ChicoBag Company

MOVE: Warehouse Management Software

Simple, flexible, proprietary warehouse management software gives brands real-time insights into their inventory for forecasting, inventory planning and order tracking.

  • Demand Planning and Replenishment Ordering
  • Order Fulfillment and Tracking Data
  • Expiration Date Tracking and Prioritization
  • Multi-Channel Inventory Pooling
  • Inventory Management

Health Report: See how you're moving the needle on listings and rankings vs. the competition

  • Listing Quality Check: An in-depth analysis of each of your listings by ASIN, along with a Whitebox Opportunity Score to help you prioritize the listings to focus on first.
  • Customer Review Analysis: Understand how the amount and quality of your reviews are trending over time.
  • Search Term Insights: View where you’re potentially missing out on sales because listings aren’t indexing for search
  • Market Share: See your market potential and gain insights into your direct competitors’ marketplace performance.

Warehouse Technology for a Zero-Defect-Rate Pick-Pack Process

Our pick-pack system is designed to deliver a zero-defect rate. From what fulfillment center location an order should be picked from to the best route within that building to access the product, our scanner-driven technology ensures the right item is picked, provides details on optimal box size and materials, and chooses the most efficient carrier in real time.

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