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How brands are using Amazon Market Basket to drive sales

Amazon is having a banner year. Its sales grew 44.1% in 2020 to $318.41 billion, per eMarketer. Amazon sales eclipsed the competition, with Walmart in a distant second place with 7.1% of all e-commerce sales and $64.62 billion.

Ecom Brands Are Connecting Their Warehouses To Ad Tech With Whitebox

The ecommerce marketplace management startup Whitebox launched an analytics product on Thursday that spans the world of ad tech and that of warehouse and delivery services.

How e-commerce data is strengthening in-store strategy and sales

E-commerce hit all-time highs in 2020, signaling digital transformation was here to stay.

Whitebox opens doors to new insight on e-commerce customers

Company’s Omnifi solution connects e-commerce brands’ marketing, sales and logistics in single platform

How Ecommerce Is Bringing Online Advertising Into Supply Chain And Product Decisions

Ecommerce and retail marketers can no longer keep their eyes squarely focused on media metrics like ROAS. Their world has just gotten bigger.

In addition to the media and advertising supply chain, they must consider product development and manufacturing along with shipping and fulfillment.

Amazon provides sellers the metrics ACOS (Advertising as a Cost of Sale) and IPI (Inventory Performance Index), which take into account not just marketing costs but warehousing and fulfillment costs, as well as how expensive a product is to ship. The metrics have made supply chain data an unavoidable metric for ecommerce marketers.

The New Warehouse Podcast EP 155: Whitebox

Whitebox handles all of your eCommerce needs from marketplace management to the returns process. They also have their own fulfillment centers and proprietary WMS to help you distribute your product to your customer and meet service level expectations. Rob and I discuss his big career takeaways, what Whitebox does and some tips for selecting a 3PL to work with.

Interview with Marcus Startzel of Whitebox Inc.

This week Gary and Shekar interview Marcus Stratzel, CEO of Whitebox Inc. Marcus shares his journey from qualified nuclear engineer to e-commerce technology. Whitebox is an e-commerce solution that helps brands get their products into the hands of customers. Marcus explains how Whitebox helps brands, often challenger brands, navigate modern commerce by offering e-commerce marketplace and fulfillment technology and expertise. Anyone who wants to get their product out to the customer, but is unsure how they can compete with the “big guys” should give this one a listen.

The 100 Most Influential People In E-Commerce

Everyone purchases products and/or services online now. From your grandma to your mechanic to your first-grade teacher, they’ve all purchased something on the internet.

From sneakers to online sales classes, the e-commerce industry is exploding with opportunities to sell products and services of all kinds. It will only continue to expand and grow.

These people are the ones pushing the e-commerce industry through the next decade. Go and follow these experts to follow their thoughts on e-commerce strategies, products, promotion, user experiences, interfaces, storytelling and more.

Drop-shipping: It’s great for retailers, but what about brands?

Timing is everything.

In the midst of the pandemic, an e-commerce startup called Whitebox is finding success combining tools for managing online listings across marketplaces with the ability to store and ship products from warehouse spaces across the country. The company is already working with large brands such as Amazon, Walmart, and Costco, along with direct-to-consumer businesses and brands including McCormick, KitchenAid, and Starbucks.

The Return to New Normal for eCommerce

COVID-19 has changed the way consumers are shopping, with a largely remote workforce who have turned to online shopping for their necessary, and unnecessary items, to avoid in-store shopping. It is clear consumers aren’t returning to their old, pre-pandemic habits anytime soon. However, the products shoppers are searching for have shifted.

It’s no surprise that last year we saw a spike in pandemic-related products, such as hand sanitizer and face masks, with the majority of top 10 product searches being related to these protective items and panic buying peaking in July of 2020.

Demystifying The Marketplace Ecosystem

The world of commerce has been steadily shifting to online. Between 2017 and 2019, U.S. e-commerce sales rose from $461 billion to $602 billion, reflecting a change in behavior as consumers grew more comfortable with online purchases and the convenience e-commerce offers. Not surprisingly, the current pandemic has significantly accelerated e-commerce growth. And consumer demands for the broadest array of choices are driving the continued rise of the marketplace ecosystem.

The fact is, the marketplace is one of the oldest vendor concepts. At its most basic, the marketplace is about providing an opportunity for multiple vendors to get their goods in front of a diverse population of shoppers. That hasn’t changed.

Retailers urge shoppers to buy early amid shipping crunch

A number of retailers, including J.C. Penney, Lowe’s and Kohl’s, are telling shoppers they need to place their online orders soon or else pay expedited shipping fees if they want to get their packages delivered in time for the holidays.

The earlier-than-usual deadlines come as more people turn to online shopping during the pandemic, creating a logjam for shipping companies as well as delivery delays. For some retailers, like H&M and Lego, the deadlines have passed.

Featuring Alex Olszewski, software engineer, Whitebox Technologies

RealLIST Engineers 2020: Meet the 20 most influential technologists in Baltimore

Here’s a look at the engineers making meaningful contributions to code and community, especially amid a challenging year.

We’re recognizing these software and IT pros for their problem-solving prowess to solve technical challenges, and their work to spread skills and motivation throughout the community. This year’s honorees range from self-taught programmers to Ph.D.s, each making an impact on both systems and people. Increasingly, we find that this range is reflective of the tech community as a whole.

Interview: Marcus Startzel on COVID and the Future of Product Fulfillment

In this Direct-to-Conversation, we catch up with Marcus Startzel, who is the CEO of Whitebox, a DTC and eCommerce fulfillment company, and a former naval submarine officer. We talked to him about how the pandemic has challenged the ways that companies send products as well as changed the ways that consumers order and receive goods.

This E-commerce Startup Is Helping DTC Brands Navigate the Pandemic

Timing is everything.

In the midst of the pandemic, an e-commerce startup called Whitebox is finding success combining tools for managing online listings across marketplaces with the ability to store and ship products from warehouse spaces across the country. The company is already working with large brands such as Amazon, Walmart, and Costco, along with direct-to-consumer businesses and brands including McCormick, KitchenAid, and Starbucks.

E-commerce firm leases new industrial facility in North Las Vegas

A Baltimore e-commerce-services firm has expanded its presence in Southern Nevada, leasing a newly built industrial facility in the northeast valley.

Whitebox celebrated the grand opening last week of its 350,528-square-foot facility at the Golden Triangle Logistics Center in North Las Vegas, after signing the lease this summer, according to a news release from brokerage firm Cushman & Wakefield, which represented the tenant in the deal.

Inside Forbes Councils Episode 78: E-commerce is Commerce

Marcus Startzel, CEO of Whitebox and Forbes Business Council member, discusses the rise of direct-to-consumer brands, how to build brand awareness when there’s more choice than ever before, and why companies must think of e-commerce as more than just another marketing channel.

Growth In Direct-To-Consumer Ecosystem Brings New Challenges For Brands And Opportunities For Consumers

They say with any challenge or crisis comes great opportunity, and when opportunity knocked during the spring of 2020 in the form of a global pandemic, online merchants’ business operations changed, likely for good, overnight. As such, the inevitable evolution of the digital shopping ecosystem was brought forward by several years according to industry experts across the world.

2021 Best Tech Startups in Baltimore

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled the very best tech startups in Baltimore, Maryland. In doing our research, we considered several factors including but not limited to, revenue potential, leadership team, brand/product traction and competitive landscape.

Additionally, all companies must be independent (unacquired), privately owned, at most 10 years old, and have received at least one round of funding in order to qualify.

Baltimore tech companies and leaders are showing their grit in 2020

Congratulations to all of the companies being recognized as winners of this year’s Best in Tech Awards for your work to advance Baltimore’s tech industry. The honorees, who were chosen by BBJ staff, represent the incredible, growing tech ecosystem here in Baltimore, one fueled by world-class assets, phenomenal talent and a commitment to excellence. Baltimore has created a culture that celebrates innovation and business creation — a welcoming hub for those with the grit, determination and resources to successfully scale our tech enterprises.

E-commerce platform Whitebox raises $18M

Whitebox, a startup that manages e-commerce logistics and fulfillment for a variety for brands, has raised $18 million in Series B funding.

While discussing the new funding, CEO Marcus Startzel  repeated a point he made after Whitebox raised its $5 million Series A last year — that the startup is differentiated by combining tools for managing e-commerce listings across a variety of marketplaces with the ability to store and ship products from its own warehouse spaces across the United States.

“We really saw an opportunity for a platform that could both sell stuff and move stuff,” Startzel said.

Brand Imperatives in Modern Commerce

Modern commerce is creating a democratized battleground in the fight for consumer loyalty. The implications for brands are unprecedented — they are now faced with trying to meet customer needs while balancing new complexities in their marketing, commerce channels, supply chains and operations.

E-commerce firm Whitebox expands into new headquarters, adding over 300,000 sq. ft.

The company’s new 365,000-square-foot headquarters sits at 1010 Swan Creek Drive, and was formerly an Under Armour distribution center. The space is over eight times larger than Whitebox’s former 43,000-square-foot space at 5901 Holabird Ave.

About 75 full-time Whitebox employees will be based out of the local office and fulfillment center, which will be used to serve hundreds of clients brands, including McCormick, Ricola, SkinnyGirl and more.

Interview: Marcus Startzel on COVID and the Future of Product Fulfillment

eCommerce has changed how the world transacts. The technology available to consumers today is still evolving with every single transaction, and I am lucky to have witnessed this evolution firsthand. As 2020 unfolded and new challenges presented themselves, I knew we were witnessing a sea change in regards to how consumers would first come into contact with brands.

Our New Shopping Habits Are Reshaping Modern Commerce

COVID-19 has brought about sweeping overnight changes to the way we do everything, from staying in touch with our loved ones to how we shop for basic necessities. It’s likely for many of us these changes will last beyond just this period of social distancing.

Marcus Startzel of Whitebox: “The Future of Retail Over The Next Five Years”

Build a team around you that you trust, and empower them to make your organization better. Without good teams focused on the top priorities, you create the perfect environment for burnout out… a ton of effort placed, and nothing to show for it. People don’t burn out in startups when there is fast-growing success…and that requires clear priorities and great teams.

BBJ Best in Tech Awards 2020: Whitebox

The company grew its revenue 144% year-over-year between 2018 and 2019. That was followed by a 40% increase in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the first three months of 2019. Startzel expects to see even more growth throughout the remainder of the year.

Whitebox Named Growth Company of the Year

“The biggest wins create an industry’s history. Yet the community that sets the stage for those milestone moments happen because of the people who are doing the work to start and grow.”

Direct-to-Consumer Economy with Marcus Startzel, CEO at Whitebox

“During this episode of “Marketing Today,” host Alan Hart interviews Marcus Startzel, Chief Executive Officer at Whitebox. Whitebox is powering the D2C economy, …”

Adtech veteran Marcus Startzel becomes CEO at Whitebox

“Marcus Startzel  is moving from adtech to e-commerce: He’s becoming the new CEO at Whitebox.”

Toy manufacturer hires e-commerce agency, Whitebox, to drive holiday sales with Sponsored Products

Toy manufacturer hires e-commerce agency, Whitebox, to drive holiday sales with Sponsored Products

Best 3PL Companies 2019

Third-party logistics (3PL) companies deliver outsourced, end-to-end logistics services such as inventory management, order fulfillment, shipping, freight distribution, and import/export. These third-party logistics services aren’t reserved for just enterprise-level businesses with large budgets. Many startups and small businesses find it more efficient and economical to outsource fulfillment and freight logistics tasks to 3PL companies.

25 Daily Habits That Will Make You More Successful

“We’ve built dozens of applets or processes to automate or eliminate repetitive tasks. That means using services like youcanbook.me, or using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk either manually or via an API.”

–Rob Wray, founder and CPO

TEDCO program lets startups borrow veteran executives

Plenty of small businesses seek out bank loans. But now Maryland startups can borrow an executive.

A new program is lending young companies some human capital to help advance their businesses. The Maryland Technology Development…

Baltimore startup Whitebox wants to take away your ecommerce headache

You probably never realized this, but there are about a hundred different things that happen between the time you click “buy” on a company’s website and the moment the package shows up on your doorstep.

There are the obvious steps like packaging and shipping, tracking…

Baltimore company helps businesses outsource online sales

A Baltimore company wants to help small manufacturers expand by taking over their warehousing, shipping and customer service operations. Whitebox, officially launching this week, automates those and other aspects of online sales so manufacturers don’t have to pay the overhead costs…

Glee Gum finds relief in outsourcing e‑commerce

The e-retailer spends less time dealing with Amazon and eBay, and Glee Gum’s sales have increased.

Glee Gum, a chewing-gum maker that touts  its save-the-rainforest credentials, had become  overwhelmed with the fees, processing and paperwork involved in selling on the  Amazon and eBay marketplaces…

25 Executives Reveal the Things They do Every Day to Succeed

“We’ve built dozens of applets or processes to automate or eliminate repetitive tasks. That means using services like youcanbook.me, or using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk either manually or via an API.”

–Rob Wray, founder and CEO

Should Your Small Business Sell on Amazon?

The e-tail giant can bring your products to a widespread audience—but here’s what to know first.

Is Amazon a friend or foe?

The e-commerce behemoth is often viewed as a competitor to small businesses, but the…

Whitebox Launches Fully Automated E-commerce Solution; Helps Manufacturers, Brands Scale Globally

Baltimore, Md.—Whitebox, a company that automates every ecommerce process and combines them into a single service, is launching with the aim of putting the global online marketplace…

How Rob Wray turned his ecommerce pain points into an entirely new company

When it comes to running an ecommerce company, Rob Wray knows the struggle.

With Mp3Car.com, he saw how errors like sending the wrong product or a wrong part could impede growth. The little mistakes added up. With each error, customer feedback declined to 85-90 percent…

A Conversation with Rob Wray, CEO of Whitebox

A Video Conversation with Rob Wray, CEO of Whitebox – Interviewed by Edwin Warfield

Whitebox Does the Heavy Lifting for Online Merchants

What if you could concentrate on big-picture planning and analysis and let someone else take care of the daily operations of your business? Whitebox promises to take on the tasks of an entire ecommerce department for their clients, from product setup and fulfillment to customer service…

Automation and our Global Journey

Watch Rob Wray’s complete talk at eCommerceFuel in Nashville.

Whitebox Automates the eCommerce Process

Running an ecommerce business isn’t easy. Even if you list products through popular platforms like Amazon or eBay, there’s so much that goes into the logistical side of running such a company.

Rob Wray, founder of ecommerce automation company Whitebox said in a phone interview…

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