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Our Team

Our Mission

We deliver modern commerce success for brands in a consumer-first economy. We eliminate ecommerce complexity, create opportunities others can’t and eliminate costs others won’t so brands and their customers can develop strong and lasting relationships.

Why Whitebox

We know from experience how demanding the modern consumer is. That’s why we built Whitebox to help brands win wherever customers are today and tomorrow. Our collective experience at Amazon, Groupon, Verizon, Millennial Media and AOL informs our customer-centric approach. We use data to your every advantage in moving and selling products. So you can scale faster, grow smarter and exceed expectations.


Hayley Bradway
VP, Marketing

Hayley is responsible for leading corporate, product, event and lead-generation marketing efforts. She is focused on understanding our clients, building partnerships and enhancing our position as an ecommerce leader.

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Sean Clark
CTO and Cofounder

As CTO. Sean leads the team responsible for the development of our technology at Whitebox. He is focused on the automation of our processes, both internal and external.

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James Clendenin
VP, Finance

James is VP of Finance at Whitebox overseeing all FP&A, accounting, budgeting and tax matters.

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Christina Fontana
VP, Customer Success

As VP of Customer Success, Christina is responsible for leading our customer-facing account management team, being the voice of the client to the broader organization, and working with clients to achieve their goals.

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Jenna Frey
VP, Operations

Jenna is responsible for leading the entire operations team, including warehouse operations in Baltimore, Las Vegas and Memphis, customer service and client onboarding. 

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Rob Hahn

Rob began his career as an Undergraduate Intern at Amazon in 2010 and became the youngest executive in Amazon Operations history, leading teams of thousands in multiple Amazon Fulfillment Centers.

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Mike Kocorowski

Mike’s career spans 25 years leading accounting and finance teams in a variety of industries. As CFO, Mike focuses on financial strategy, managing fast-paced growth plans, overseeing finance and investor relations.

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Drew Kramer
VP, Analytics & Marketplace Strategy

Drew is responsible for leading data science, analytics, advertising and content management. His team focuses on providing the insights that help partners make smarter business decisions and maximize growth.

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Marcus Startzel

Marcus has an impressive track record of driving industry-leading growth, and he’s just getting started. Before joining Whitebox, he held various senior leadership roles within AppNexus, leading up to its 2018 $1.6B acquisition by AT&T.

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Rob Wray
CIO and Cofounder

As cofounder, Rob had the idea for Whitebox while working on his previous business. Applying what's now Whitebox technology, his business grew from $1M to $5.4M.

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