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Amazon Listing Optimization

We know what makes your listing pop. Ensure your product is in front of the right consumer at the right time with the help of our product listing optimization tools.

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Amazon Shop Growth

Data-Driven Insights & Strategies for Amazon Shop Optimization and Growth

Our expert team of ecommerce marketers and analysts fuel the growth of leading marketplace brands.

What product configurations to offer

What shipping program increases cart size

What price is most likely to lead to a purchase

What keywords are consumers searching

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Driving Product Rankings: A Mix of Art and Science

Consumers turn to Amazon more than any other platform, including Google. Its one-stop-shop offers a simple and complete way to research products, read customer reviews, and purchase what you want. Amazon’s algorithms use multiple data points including click-through rate, conversions, reviews, and other performance metrics to understand user behavior and return the most relevant listing for each search.

Amazon Product Listing Optimization

Whitebox takes a pragmatic data-driven approach to product listing optimization.

  • Your dedicated Data and Content Manager from our Marketplace Services Team analyzes Amazon’s analytics reporting to better understand consumer search trends and shopping behavior specific to your product catalog.
  • Next, we zoom in on top-ranking competitors in your products’ categories and interpret the significance of certain search frequencies for specific phrases and keywords.
  • Those reports inform our selection of essential buzzwords and content to be included in the title, bullet points, descriptions, and backend keyword fields on your product pages.
  • Over time, your dedicated Data and Content Manager uses data and insights built in-house to measure and understand the impact of listing changes.

Key Benefits

  • Enhance Product Offerings: Create and test multipacks, variety packs, and new product configurations in real time with our tech-enabled virtual storage solution. No actual products are created until sold!
  • Insights for Decisioning: Whitebox’s Health Report delivers a holistic understanding of your current business and the competition while offering recommendations on areas of improvement from visuals and keywords to consumer feedback.
  • Increased Subscription Options: Promote recurring sales, increase customer loyalty, and protect your brand with subscription purchasing options.
  • Win the Buy Box: Cutting your price (and margin) doesn’t always improve your position. Our team of experts can help you win the Buy Box, increase repeat purchases, and protect your brand.
  • Use Shipping Options as a Selling Tool: Offer Amazon Prime and Walmart Marketplace Two-Day Shipping on all listings to help close sales.

Whitebox Health Report

The Whitebox Health Report is a great first step in optimizing your listings. Our in-depth report gathers data from your listings, keywords search data, and competitive listings to score your listing and provide data-backed recommendations on opportunities and optimizations.

Listing Quality Check
Search Term Insights
Customer Review Analysis
Competitor and Market Analysis

Get an in-depth analysis of each of your listings by ASIN, along with a Whitebox Opportunity Score to help you prioritize the listings to focus on first. 

  • EBC Inclusion
  • Image & Video Evaluation 
  • Product Description Opportunity 
  • Node Count Opportunity 

Understand where your listings are potentially missing out on sales because they aren’t indexing for search. See how often your product indexes for a given keyword.

Know how the amount and quality of your reviews are trending over time.

  • Year-over-year review counts 
  • Month-over-month new review additions by product 
  • Average Review Rating by month and by product

Grasp the market share potential and gain insights into your direct competitor’s marketplace performance.

  • Total Products Being Sold by Brand 
  • Monthly Order by Brand 
  • Monthly Revenue by Brand

Product Listing Optimization

Understanding and navigating Amazon rankings is what we do.
Here are a few things to think about as you plan your listing optimization strategy:

Invest in Off-Platform Advertising

The more views, clicks, and conversions driven to a listing, the greater the impact within Amazon’s ranking algorithm. You’ll see higher category rankings, increased search term rankings, and eventually higher overall sales.

Advertise on the Amazon Platform

Sponsored Products and Keyword Search are two great options for products that aren’t naturally ranking on the first page. Driving sales tied to specific search terms can make all the difference.

Use Social Media to Increase In-Platform Rankings

Promo Codes can be used to see results similar to off-Amazon advertising spend. Promo Codes not only give an immediate boost to sales but help organically optimize the listing within the Amazon algorithm.

Listing Optimization Service With Visible Results

Recently Whitebox ran a Promo Code listed on a client’s Facebook page with 21k likes. Orders increased 20 times previous average sales the day the promo was launched. 89% of the initial sales were driven from the Promo Code. This increased the client’s Amazon category rank from ~100k to ~8k. Most importantly the Promo Code had longer-term effects weeks after the initial surge — it increased organic search and advertising sales 210%.

Why Multipacks & Variety Packs Create New Opportunities in Ecommerce

Selling your $6 shampoo at your consumer’s favorite brick-and-mortar store makes sense. However, selling that same $6 shampoo online, after you factor in packaging and shipping, may not make sense for your business. Many products that are sold as single units in retailers, do better as multiple and variety packs online while delivering higher profit margins. Our Flexible process allows you to easily test product configurations to determine demand.

Real-Time Listing Creation

Easily update product variety and multipacks in real-time

Configuration Testing

Minimal investment to test the variety and multipacks that will be in highest demand

No Pick/Pack Effort Until Product Sells

No cost to test


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