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Fulfillment for Ecommerce and Branded Websites

Whitebox’s dynamic fulfillment solutions help automate your ecommerce process and optimize shipping performance for your branded websites. Whitebox is skilled in supporting fulfillment and logistics for brands’ ecommerce sites with established connections to Shopify, WooCommerce, Big Commerce and more. Plus, using our proprietary Omnifi technology, our team surfaces fulfillment opportunities others can’t to save you money and keep your customers happy.

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Ecommerce Stores and Whitebox Fulfillment Services

With a 99.9% order accuracy rate and a 99.8% on-time delivery rate, Whitebox is skilled in the variability and detail needed to succeed as a logistics partner for branded ecommerce websites. Our next-generation ecommerce technology helps brands:  

  • Execute streamlined fulfillment processes to reduce logistics costs
  • Drive sales for products across platforms 
  • Optimize inventory management to keep your products in stock

This, plus strategically placed, nationwide warehouses, enables Whitebox to supply brands with flexible shipping solutions based on preference and performance.

What Our Customers Say About Us

"Since partnering in 2020, Whitebox continues to deliver a tailored fulfillment solution for Pop & Bottle. Their team expertly manages our Shopify fulfillment, allowing us to focus on growing our product catalog. Whitebox kits variety packs for our brand, which has been vital for new customer acquisition and sales growth."

Whitebox provides flexible shipping solutions plus a 2-day delivery promise for your branded website.

What Our Customers Say About Us

"We are a small business, and the support from Whitebox allows us to achieve a scale we could otherwise not afford. Our Whitebox account manager always provides great insight into inventory management, fulfillment solutions, customer support and marketing ideas. But on top of that, the team at Whitebox is responsive and dependable ... in other words, a true partner."

What a Third Party Logistics Company Like Whitebox Handles for Your Branded Site Fulfillment

For a brand’s website, third party logistics providers typically handle fulfillment, distribution and warehouse management to alleviate labor-heavy fulfillment processes and cost-heavy infrastructure needs for storage. Most established 3PL providers, like Whitebox, also offer packaging analysis, shipping support, inventory management, reporting and returns management. What many 3PLs do not offer:

x Bundling and kitting services, including fulfillment customizations
x Ecommerce fulfillment data and insights
x Shipping technology to optimize order fulfillment

As a fulfillment partner for your branded ecommerce site, Whitebox can offer all of this … and more.

Centralized Warehousing

Whitebox will help you determine inventory placement across our trusted fulfillment network. With warehousing locations in Baltimore, Memphis and Las Vegas, we get you closer to your customers, wherever they are. Our Omnifi technology determines which fulfillment center location an order should be picked from and offers the flexibility to determine which carrier will offer you (and your customers) the best rates based on the service class selected — for every order on your branded ecommerce site. 

Inventory Tracking and Management

Our dynamic technology gives brands real-time insights into inventory and sales trend data, so you can easily forecast and demand plan inventory needs, set alerts so you’re never out of stock, and track expiration date prioritization. Make smarter decisions on how to pool inventory across channels, not just on your branded ecommerce site, with our build-in integrations for your direct-to-consumer business. 

Online Order Fulfillment and Shipping

Managing customer expectations is critical. Using our proprietary Omnifi technology, Whitebox surfaces fulfillment opportunities to save you money and keep your customers happy. Our tech optimizes your shipping combinations to offer you the lowest cost option with only the carriers and services you choose — for each and every order. We use fulfillment data to determine where to store your products and how to get them into customers’ hands faster, deliver the best customer experience and reduce shipping fees. 

3PL Bundling and Kitting

Whitebox’s pick-pack system is designed to deliver a zero-defect rate for your branded ecommerce websites. Our technology and team will help your brand determine the optimal box size and materials to increase your brand’s cost savings. Whitebox supports a number of customizations for branded websites, including the inclusion of personalized gift messages from orders placed on a Shopify store (or via an API connection), custom inserts and branded packaging. 

Returns Management for Ecommerce Sites

Returns management requires as much expertise, insight and customer service as getting products into buyers’ hands. That’s why Whitebox manages product returns for brands, the way they want them done — focused on brand policies and preferences. And delivering the best customer experience starts with our team understanding your sales process and your products inside and out. This front-end insight ensures fast, on-brand, friction-free returns. Plus, Whitebox provides return rate analysis to help brands optimize product and marketing decisions. 

Let Whitebox manage your branded ecommerce sites’ fulfillment.

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