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Ecommerce Fulfillment and Logistics

As a direct-to-consumer ecommerce fulfillment partner, Whitebox operates a high-volume, low-defect network so brands can reach their customers where they shop. Our strategically placed, nationwide fulfillment centers get your products closer to customers with 99.8% on-time shipping rate, 99.9% order accuracy, and flexible shipping solutions based on consumer needs, your brand’s preferences and our optimized algorithms. By fulfilling products from one centralized network across multiple digital channels, Whitebox helps brands maximize sales and reduce costs.

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A trusted ecommerce fulfillment company for a variety of brands across industries

Third-Party Logistics Provider for Omnichannel Order Fulfillment

With a data-led partner like Whitebox, brands can navigate the changing rules of ecommerce and master an omnichannel fulfillment strategy that drives sales and customer happiness. When you work with Whitebox, your brand can easily pool inventory across multiple channels and ship directly from our facilities for all your direct-to-consumer needs. We pride ourselves on offering a high-tech and high-touch service to help build your brand and your bottom line.

• Optimized packaging and shipping
• Standard, Expedited, Express and Next Day Shipping
• National and international coverage

Powering the Direct-to-Consumer Economy™

99.9% Order Accuracy

99.8% On-Time Delivery

99.9% U.S. Coverage Via Two-Day Shipping

Fulfillment for Ecommerce and Branded Websites

Whitebox supports warehousing, fulfillment and returns for branded ecommerce websites, with established connections to Shopify, WooCommerce, Big Commerce and more. Whitebox also offers public application programming interface (API) documents for brands interested in establishing additional connections. Maximize sales across your branded site with full transparency into your fulfillment data. Whitebox offers holistic insights on your site’s sales and fulfillment to optimize shipping, more strategically demand plan, better support inventory management and grow your direct-to-consumer business.

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Amazon Ecommerce Fulfillment

Whitebox is more than a third party logistics provider, we’re a consultative partner that can help your brand determine the right Amazon fulfillment strategy for your business. As an Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) and Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) certified partner, we help brands to list and sell their products on Amazon and fulfill orders with their carriers of choice. Our team also assists with the preparation of all marketplace fulfillment shipments for Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA).

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Dropshipping Fulfillment Direct To Consumer

Brands can expand their presence to new retailers and reach otherwise undiscovered customers with retail dropship through Whitebox. Our team is skilled in the technology integrations needed to connect to your retailers of choice, including Target, Costco, Wayfair, Best Buy, Lowe’s, Chewy and more. Get your products in front of as many potential customers as possible with the fewest restrictions and resource commitment using Whitebox.

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Whitebox provides flexible shipping solutions plus a 2-day delivery promise.

Smart Warehousing and Distribution

Whitebox’s strategically placed warehouses pool inventory to determine optimal packaging and shipping across our five carrier partners while saving you money. Our warehouses in Las Vegas, Baltimore and Memphis cover 99% of the U.S. with guaranteed 2-day shipping. We store products closer to your customers, get it to them faster without allegiance to a specific carrier and return those cost savings to you.

  • Shipping technology to optimize ecommerce order fulfillment: Whitebox offers dynamic ecommerce fulfillment solutions to automate the ecommerce process, improve shipping performance and reduce logistics fees. Our technology optimizes your shipping combinations, including carriers and services, to offer you the lowest cost option for each and every order. 
  • Customizable packaging options: Our quality-oriented pick-and-pack system allows for customized outer packaging, bundling on the fly and inclusion of inserts or gift slips. We also offer kitting services to give your brand differentiated experience.
  • Discounted freight services program: Lower inbound transportation costs with Whitebox’s negotiated rates on Less Than Load (LTL) and Full Truck Load (FTL) shipments. 
  • Expiration and lot code tracking: For brands with specialized inventory needs such as expiration dates and/or lot codes, Whitebox provides expiration date and lot code tracking to ensure traceability throughout the supply chain. This enables our clients to find and pull expired inventory more efficiently to prevent spoiled products from reaching customers.
  • Demand planning: Whitebox provides insights brands can action on, from what’s in stock and where, to how many days of cover you have using our demand planning tool. This tool offers you a single point of calculation for your omnichannel needs.

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Ecommerce Fulfillment Data & Insights

Whitebox uses proprietary technology across its ecommerce fulfillment solutions to give brands real-time insights into their inventory and sales data for smarter planning decisions. Check inventory, leverage tools for demand planning, track order fulfillment, get a full history of returns, and manage your expiration date prioritization all in one place with Whitebox.

  • Shipping insights: Track your orders and follow how closely your product is to the buying customer — and how long it takes to get there. See trends within shipping zones as well as among your repeat buyers.  
  • Demand planning: Whitebox’s demand planning tool delivers a holistic way to connect sales and inventory in one central place to action on, from what’s in stock and where to how many days of cover you have, based on our proprietary formula. 
  • Inventory management and multi-channel pooling: Seize every sale with data-informed inventory pooling and alerts when your product is running low. 
  • Expiration date tracking and prioritization: Whitebox’s inventory technology and product scanning process ensures we send the right products at the right time.
  • Product promotion planning: By connecting advertising and sales data with ecommerce fulfillment data, Whitebox enables customers to move inventory within channels and leverage fulfillment trends to inform advertising strategy.

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How is Whitebox different from a traditional third-party logistics provider?
What is the benefit of selling and fulfilling products with one partner?
Why is inventory pooling so important?

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