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Ricola is a family-owned and operated Swiss manufacturer of herbal cough drops. Nestled in northwest Switzerland, Ricola has been a household name since 1930 and has been stocked on store shelves for just as long. With a solid handle on the brick-and-mortar retail model, the company was looking to expand to ecommerce and needed a partner to build and execute a direct-to-consumer strategy.

More Success Stories

Super Coffee

Kitu Super Coffee is a premium coffee brand offering healthy alternatives to high-sugar caffeinated beverages. They offer a blend of real ingredients for all day energy. Sugar free, lactose free, soy free, and gluten free, with 10 grams of protein, and made with MCT oil. Founded in 2017 by the DeCicco brothers, the company was looking for a partner to execute their end-to-end ecommerce strategy.

Slap Ya Mama

After creating their signature cajun spice blend, Slap Ya Mama built a brand that spread to stores across the country, and they had their own online store to boot. Co-founding brothers Jack and Joseph Walker knew they had a great brand that could only get better as they expanded their line of spices and delved into other cooking mixes.

But there was one ingredient missing from their success story: Amazon.


Norm's Farms

Back in 2013, Norm’s Farms was a small, family-run business that was really beginning to thrive both in stores and online. Then, Amazon told them they weren’t compliant with Frustration Free Packaging. The important income stream from Amazon stopped, so the husband and wife team of Ann and Rodger Lenhart began to do what they always did: fix it themselves. This time though, as Ann tried to work through the process, it immediately became obvious how incredibly difficult it was going to be.

An Amazon Case Study

EM Games: Awkward Storyteller

EM Games, the creator of the popular board game The Awkward Storyteller, partnered with Whitebox to scale and grow the business with a key focus on holiday sales. Whitebox lead their Amazon advertising strategy as well as managed fulfillment for the brand. To read more, check out the Amazon case study.