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on November 12, 2021 by Marcus Startzel in Press

Investing in our customers’ growth: Whitebox Welcomes Kenneth Lim as Chief Revenue Officer

Ken Lim

I am excited to announce that Kenneth Lim has joined Whitebox as its chief revenue officer. Ken will be a part of our leadership team, overseeing Whitebox’s growing sales and customer success teams.

Our clients’ success is the most important factor for Whitebox to succeed. If we produce results for our clients, we produce results for Whitebox. When our clients win, we win. Ken’s top priority in this role will be to help us acquire, service, retain and help grow our clients. This position is a top priority, and we are thrilled to have Ken join our team.

Ken comes to Whitebox with 20 years of revenue and leadership experience and a proven track record of client success, sales growth and leading successful teams. His most recent experience includes 12 years selling and servicing retail brands with reverse logistics technology and services at Optoro and Liquidity Services. He brings with him a record of building and scaling high-performing teams and processes and believes in grounding each sale and customer interaction with the right solution that the entire organization can deliver successfully.

In this role, Ken will bring the sales and customer success teams together under one customer-focused organization, which will not only help Whitebox grow its customer base but also ensure customer happiness by delivering unmatched value and service to our existing and future client partners. 

“I’m joining Whitebox because of the unique front-end (marketplace) and back-end (fulfillment) solution that the company is providing brands … and the tremendous potential that I see,” said Lim. “While I’m leaving the reverse logistics space, I remain very passionate about ecommerce and supply chain, so Whitebox is a natural fit for my interests (and professional background).”

Ken’s first priority is to execute an active recruiting strategy to build a world-class sales team. Whitebox is seeing tremendous growth opportunities in the marketplace and fulfillment spheres, and we are seeking talented candidates to join this team. If you are interested in opportunities, check out our open positions.

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