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on May 16, 2017 by Katie Ervin in Uncategorized

Best Days of the Week to Sell Online

This week, we’re taking a break from dispensing advice and just giving you some fun facts about which days are best for selling online. We’ll also include a little about what the sources suggested might be strong days for promotions.

Keep in mind we’ve taken this data from a variety of sources, all of which naturally work with different clients in different parts of the market. So, we wouldn’t say these are rules so much as ideas to play with and look into as you navigate the vast and varied ecommerce seas. Plus, it’s fun to think about how sales vary not only by day of the week or time of day, but also by device.


What day of the week has the strongest sales?


This question isn’t necessarily going to make or break your ecommerce success, but it is interesting to think about. Back in the day of brick and mortar stores and shopping malls, it was fairly easy to predict when shops would be busy: weekends and evenings. Ever since people started shopping online, these patterns have shifted.


If you haven’t looked into these trends before, you might be surprised to know that Monday is the best day for online sales. In fact, it has been the case since at least 2012, and it doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. If you’re curious about how sales look throughout the week, check out this article that shows how sales shift from one day to the next.


Devices matter


It shouldn’t be a shock to learn that each type of device sees its own trends in terms of browsing and sales. People are often at work on a desktop during weekday hours, and at home on a tablet or smartphone during evenings and weekends.


In fact, smartphone users see a steady rise in sales as the week goes on, with a big spike on Sundays. Desktops, on the other hand, tend to follow the Manic Monday trend where many sales tend to happen on that day of the week. And, as we explained in our mobile blog post a few weeks ago, mobile shoppers are mostly browsing rather than buying… although there’s evidence this is shifting.


Repeat Customers are their own beasts


If you are thinking of running promotions, it may be worth targeting returning customers at different times or days than new customers. This blog shows some variation between the two, although the overall trends are pretty similar.


So, when should I be pushing my product?


One thing that sales can be useful for, beyond your own edification, is promotions. It’s worth thinking about whether there are certain days that lead to more conversions. Here at Whitebox, you ought to know by now that we don’t have anything to do with marketing… But, we do like to read about others’ experiences with it! While researching for this post, we ran across this article that gives some insights into when it is best to run promotions… and how it varies from device to device.


Ultimately, though, you need to look at your own data


Like most things in ecommerce, general trends may be helpful, but they can’t be your only guideline. It’s always best to look at your own data if you can, and see whether you can observe trends in high sales or in successful conversions. We always suggest keeping an eye on the numbers, and working towards incorporating them into your day to day ecommerce strategies.


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