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Amazon Streaming TV, Video & Display Advertising

Whitebox’s Amazon marketing agency designs and executes data-informed display advertising plans to target your ideal customers on Amazon and yield profitable, long-term results.

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By combining search, display, video and over-the-top (OTT) advertising — leveraging Amazon’s Demand-side Platform (DSP) — Whitebox creates full-funnel ad strategies to hit customers at all stages of their shopping journeys. Our team of data scientists pull in data from Amazon Marketing Cloud and leverage our proprietary BI tool Omnifi Insights to analyze and optimize campaigns, view purchase behavior and cross channel trends, and understand which tactics drive the most demand for your brand. 

Amazon Demand-side Platform (DSP)

Whitebox is one of a limited number of Amazon agencies with access to Amazon Demand-side Platform (DSP), which allows advertisers to automatically purchase and optimize ads on Amazon-owned sites as well as certain third-party sites. These display and video ads appear on the Amazon homepage, Fire TV Stick homepage, and sites like ESPN.com and CNN.com — to name a few. Leveraging Amazon DSP, Whitebox can connect your business with customers throughout their entire shopping experience — on and off platform — through display advertising, giving you the opportunity to increase brand awareness and boost sales.

  • Amazon.com
  • Amazon subsidiaries including IMDb, Audible, Twitch, Zappos and more
  • Third party sites including ESPN.com, CNN.com and Yahoo.com

Amazon DSP Ad Media and Channels

Whitebox offers full-service Amazon advertising campaign management for clients operating on both Amazon Vendor Central and Amazon Seller Central. We take a thoughtful and strategic approach to driving growth for our partners with a variety of display and video ad solutions to increase ROAS. Our team continuously leverages data from Amazon Marketing Cloud and our proprietary business intelligence tool Omnifi Insights to analyze Amazon advertising campaigns and target display advertising options we employ, adjusting our strategy as necessary to meet your goals.

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Display Ads

Display ads appear not only on Amazon but also on its third-party websites and apps, helping brands engage with customers on and off of Amazon through display advertising. This includes highly visible placements on the Amazon home page. As an Amazon agency, Whitebox can run display ads as Sponsored Display ads, purchased on a cost-per-click basis, or on Amazon DSP. Given their versatile nature, display ads can be tested on a combination of platforms for maximum audience reach. Whitebox leverages data from Amazon Marketing Cloud to determine which combination of display advertising is the right recipe for your brand. 

Video Ads

Whitebox offers opportunities for Amazon video advertising both on and off platform through online video (OLV) ads, over-the-top (OTT) ads and more. Amazon OLV ads run on websites across browsers and mobile applications, either within video content, on banner ads or in online articles. Whitebox’s Amazon marketing services team is skilled at placing your video ad content where consumers are most likely to engage with it by leveraging data from Amazon Marketing Cloud. We’ll map out your customers’ journeys across touch points by device and determine the best spend for your videos to push customers quickly down their path to purchase. 

Over-the-Top Ads

Over-the-top (OTT) video ads — also known as streaming TV ads — offer an opportunity to reach consumers on the streaming services and network apps they use most. And consumers can view these video ads wherever they stream: mobile devices, gaming consoles, tablets or connected TVs (CTV). Amazon has found that purchase rates increase 90% when integrating TV ads into an Amazon advertising strategy. Our Amazon marketing agency can help your brand take advantage of this, bypass traditional cable ads and reach new-to-brand customers via streaming TV services like IMDb TV, Twitch and Fire TV. 

Audio Ads

Whitebox’s Amazon marketing services team also runs audio ads as part of your brand’s Amazon advertising strategy. These off-screen ads can be heard over Amazon Music, through mobile, desktop and Alexa devices. Unlike the necessity of coveted peak placements on radio ads, Amazon audio ads are placed before and after songs across listeners’ free streaming music service. Whitebox can integrate Amazon audio ads into your Amazon advertising strategy to complement display, video and OTT ads across Amazon DSP.

Customer Success Story

"Whitebox created a comprehensive ad strategy focused on Amazon in-platform ads combined with an Amazon DSP targeted campaign that led to over 65M impressions and 48% of all Amazon sales were ad attributed GMV sales."

Acquire New-to-Brand Customers and Retain Repeat Customers with Whitebox

Whitebox leverages both product and audience targeting for every brands’ Amazon advertising strategy to help new customers discover your products, existing ones continue to engage, and purchases drive in more revenue for your brand.

Our Amazon marketing services experts will target similar or competing products and categories for your brand. Leveraging our proprietary technology, Omnifi Insights, our team can view market basket data and see what products your customers are buying not only from your Amazon product catalog but also what products they’re purchasing from your competitors on Amazon. We use this data to drive Amazon advertising strategy targeting products shoppers have purchased and viewed in addition to yours and products customers are purchasing instead of yours. We’ll promote additional products, through display advertising, to customers who are actively browsing your products to drive cross-selling, as well as reach customers who are actively viewing similar and complementary products to yours through ads.

Our Amazon agency also uses Amazon’s audience demographic data to target customers for your brand based on recent search and shopping behavior. We’ll run display advertising that gets in front of customers who have viewed your products or similar products in your category, retarget previous purchasers, and leverage Amazon’s exclusive audiences to reach customers throughout all stages of their purchase journey, leveraging Amazon DSP.

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Stretch your Amazon ad dollars with higher conversion rates by partnering with Whitebox.

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Full-funnel Ad Strategy

Connecting Amazon Advertising: Amazon DSP + Search

Separately, search advertising and video and display advertising are effective at reaching potential customers at different stages of their buying journeys, but Whitebox data shows that brands that run Amazon DSP advertisements in tandem with Amazon search advertising see conversion rates that are four times higher than brands that utilize Amazon search advertising strategy alone.

Whitebox is one of a limited number of Amazon agencies with access to Amazon DSP, and after analyzing your existing Amazon search advertising strategy, can provide a tailored search and display advertising strategy to help your brand grow sales. 

If your brand runs search advertising in-house and just needs support with OTT, video, audio or display advertising on Amazon DSP, we’re equipped to help with that, too. Our Amazon marketing services team can connect your in-house search efforts with Whitebox’s Amazon DSP efforts through the Amazon Marketing Cloud, which gives you access to more data and insights to optimize your Amazon advertising business.

Read more about how combining Amazon DSP with search advertising strategy yields results. 

Optimize Your Amazon Advertising with Amazon Marketing Cloud

Brands that run both Amazon search advertising and display advertising on Amazon DSP in tandem gain access to the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) when working with an Amazon agency like Whitebox. With access to data across dozens of categories, brands using Amazon DSP are able to better understand their customer base. AMC supplies unique insights that can fuel your Amazon advertising strategy, including:

  • Gaining new-to-brand customers – Discover the effectiveness of your Amazon search and display advertising campaigns with data on the percentage of new-to-brand customers who were exposed to your ads and ultimately made a purchase.
  • Tracking Amazon DSP path to conversion by device – Uncover the way shoppers move between devices as they engage with your ads and progress toward conversion. These insights help you optimize your device-specific experience and Amazon advertising strategy to match. 
  • Measuring in-store conversion – Understand whether your Amazon advertising campaigns are also driving offline sales for your brand at Whole Foods Market and Amazon Fresh.

Read more on data and insights.

How an Amazon Agency Like Whitebox Can Help

Our team of marketplace growth strategists will function as an extension of your staff, managing ongoing campaign strategy and execution, with regular performance evaluations powered by our data scientists. By combining our team of experts with Whitebox’s innovative decisioning tools, brands gain a clear understanding of how to drive demand.

Our self-built business intelligence tool, Omnifi Insights, pulls data from all the marketplaces you’re selling into one cohesive data story to identify what strategies support measurable, meaningful growth for your business. 

With Whitebox, your brand gets access to the latest Amazon technology to reach new customers and increase brand awareness in the market. Whitebox’s Amazon partnership gives our brands access to the entire suite of tools, including the Amazon DSP and Amazon Marketing Cloud, allowing you to utilize display advertising to advertise your products on the Amazon marketplace, Amazon FireTVs, Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods to reach new potential customers — meeting them at any stage of their shopping journey.

Amazon encourages brands to partner with a select number of approved agencies, like Whitebox, to manage their DSP ads, because the dedicated support yields more effective results.

Whitebox can help you plan, manage and optimize video and display advertising efficiently and effectively. Plus, as part of the Amazon Partner Network, we have first access to resources and tools to unlock greater value for brands. 

Whether you’re a brand with an in-house team or looking for a full-service ecommerce agency, Whitebox can help. For brands with in-house search expertise, Whitebox is here to build off your existing strategy with additional display, video and OTT opportunities via Amazon DSP. Additionally, our team of data scientists can provide you with insights from our Omnifi technology, across platforms and mediums, to optimize your existing search campaigns and execute our DSP strategy.

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