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Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) Consulting

Most advertisers know that data is a critical piece in driving a successful Amazon marketing strategy. But many brands, admittedly, don’t have the in-house expertise to aggregate and interpret Amazon data, let alone turn it into a winning ad strategy. That’s why Whitebox offers Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) consulting services for brands. Regardless of whether you’re utilizing Whitebox’s Amazon marketing services agency, another agency or in-house resources to run ecommerce advertising, we’ll give you data-backed insights your team needs to move more sales on this marketplace.

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What is the Amazon Marketing Cloud?

Built on Amazon Web Services, Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) offers advertiser data and Amazon Advertising data for a comprehensive view of performance and cross-channel analytics. AMC access is granted to select Amazon agencies, like Whitebox, and large brands that have access to both Amazon DSP and Sponsored search advertising

AMC offers unique data reporting — beyond what advertisers can access elsewhere. This includes the different ways users move between devices as they engage with your brand’s ads, channel attribution on product and brand discovery and purchases, and so much more. Plus, its data spans all of Amazon’s subsidiaries, including Amazon.com, Prime Video, Prime Music, FireTV, Zappos, Whole Foods Market and more. 

What is Amazon Marketing Cloud Consulting?

Whitebox has combined its extensive Amazon advertising and sales expertise with an industry-leading data science team to analyze our partner brands’ Amazon performance and help them realize their full ecommerce potential. Whitebox will measure your past, present and ongoing Amazon advertising campaigns, leveraging our proprietary BI tool Omnifi Insights with data from Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), to offer you a custom, data-driven plan to enhance your search advertising and Amazon DSP spend.

  • 100% transparency into your Amazon data
  • Best-in-class data analytics on your Amazon advertising performance as well as the market
  • A team of data scientists mining insights to fuel your Amazon advertising strategy
  • Amazon support from our marketplace experts — whenever you need it

Amazon Data Insights

Brands that run both Amazon search and Amazon DSP ads in tandem gain access to the Amazon Marketing Cloud, which is one of the reasons Whitebox almost always recommends a full funnel approach to Amazon advertising. We’ll help you understand all of your Amazon data and make ad strategy recommendations for your team.

Whitebox customers can purchase our business intelligence tool Omnifi Insights for more transparency into their Amazon business and the drivers behind our team’s marketplace strategy. 

Insights include: 

  • Search term and ad performance analytics 
  • Customer demographics and purchase behavior stats
  • Sales data such as geography, product line information, and time-of-day purchase information

Leverage Your Marketing with Data

Campaign Data
New-to-brand Customers
Omnichannel Sales Opportunity
Customer Buying Journey Assessments

Campaign Data

Our Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) consulting team will help your brand understand the impact of running Sponsored Products together with Streaming TV and Display advertising. We’ll map your customers’ journeys and identify the impact of ad-attributed purchase rates when shoppers are exposed to any combination of Amazon ad products. This will help your team maximize conversion rates based on sequences of Amazon ad exposure.

New-to-brand Customers

Whitebox will measure the impact of your Amazon advertising campaigns and show you — out of all the customers who were exposed to ads and purchased — how many and what percentage of them are new-to-brand customers. This will help your team understand the mix of what platforms and campaign tactics are driving the highest new-to-brand rates, so you can be smarter about your Amazon ad spend. 

Omnichannel Sales Opportunity

Whitebox’s data scientists will use AMC data to measure your media campaigns’ impact on driving offline, in-store sales at Whole Foods Market and Amazon Fresh. Our team will look at purchase information by store to get a clear view of how audiences are responding to your advertisements and how much your marketing plans are affecting their purchase decisions. 

Customer Buying Journey Assessments

Whitebox will conduct a path-to-conversion analysis to identify your brand’s customer buying journeys, which will inform campaign strategy and improve campaign performance. This data includes the most popular path your customers took before converting. We’ll help you consider (and optimize) all touch points and their order within your Amazon advertising plans. 

Getting Started: Amazon Performance Evaluations

Whitebox will audit all of your Amazon search advertising, Amazon DSP advertising and existing content, including product listings and storefronts, to benchmark your performance as we move your brand forward with a new data-driven strategy. As your brand actions on new insights, we’ll continue to measure your performance, so you know exactly which tactics make the most impact.

Amazon Search Audit

  • Analyze campaign setups. 
  • Measure share of voice for search terms.
  • Measure product type adoption. 
Learn more about Amazon search advertising with Whitebox.

Amazon Content Audit

  • A/B test titles and A+ Content.
  • Connect search ads and content.
  • Create content recommendations.
Learn more about content optimization with Whitebox.

Amazon DSP Audit

  • Ensure cohesive search/DSP strategy.
  • Identify areas for audience testing.
  • Analyze retargeting vs. acquisition allocations.
Learn more about accessing Amazon DSP with Whitebox.

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