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Amazon Ecommerce Fulfillment

At Whitebox, we help brands create winning Amazon ecommerce fulfillment strategies unique to your business' needs. As a trusted ecommerce fulfillment partner for brands, we operate a high-volume, low-defect network so you can maximize sales by successfully fulfilling products sold on Amazon. Whitebox is an Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) certified partner, skilled at helping brands with Amazon fulfillment, selling and listing. Our team also assists with preparation for all marketplace fulfillment shipments, including Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA).

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Strategically placed, nationwide fulfillment centers

99.9% Order Accuracy

99.9% U.S. Coverage Via Two-Day Shipping

99.8% On-Time Delivery

What is Amazon Ecommerce Fulfillment?

Amazon offers brands several options when it comes to ecommerce fulfillment but understanding which makes the most sense for your business can be confusing. As an Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) and Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) certified partner, Whitebox enables brands to list, sell and fulfill products on Amazon. Our team is also skilled at marketplace prep for Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) orders and will get your inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers when and how Amazon needs them. What’s more: Whitebox is more than an ecommerce fulfillment center, we’re a consultative partner that can help your brand determine the right Amazon fulfillment strategy for your business.

Fulfilled by Amazon
Fulfilled by Merchant
Seller Fulfilled Prime

Fulfilled by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service where brands send products to Amazon fulfillment centers, and Amazon receives these into their inventory to be stored, picked, packed and shipped for each order your customers place. Whitebox acts as an intermediary, handling the initial preparation requirements for Amazon’s FBA program.

  • We prepare your inventory as compliant and ready to sell on Amazon.
  • We make sure it gets there following all of Amazon ecommerce fulfillment  requirements.
  • And for each and every product, Whitebox creates a quality control checklist to ensure an optimized ecommerce fulfillment service. 

Fulfilled by Merchant

Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) is a service where brands’ products are listed on Amazon but the orders are shipped by your brand (not Amazon) — or by a third-party ecommerce fulfillment center on behalf of your brand, such as Whitebox. At Whitebox, we operate a high-volume, low-defect network for brands that gets orders to your customers, where and when they need them. 

  • Whitebox offers brands a 99.8% on-time delivery rate.
  • We store your products in our strategically placed, nationwide fulfillment centers across the country.
  • And with our variety of carrier contracts, we pass on flexible shipping options to brands and a variety of service options to customers.

Seller Fulfilled Prime

Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) is a service where brands fulfill orders directly to domestic Amazon Prime customers from their own ecommerce fulfillment network or a partner’s fulfillment network, such as Whitebox. This service is a subset of FBM, but with SFP, your products get the Amazon Prime tag (and all of its requirements).

  • Orders must be fulfilled within the parameters of Amazon’s Prime Delivery requirements.
  • Whitebox offers partners 99.9% U.S. coverage via two-day shipping and can deliver on the Prime promise. 
  • And while Amazon is currently not accepting new SFP brands and many 3PLs are not part of the program, Whitebox is.

Amazon Ecommerce Fulfillment Costs and Shipping Options

As you think through and calculate the cost-benefits of Amazon fulfillment options, there are important considerations to keep in mind, including the right combination of fulfillment options to ensure your product listings never go out of stock and orders meet consumer expectation.

  • Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA): When you use FBA, you gain access to Amazon’s logistical network, which is an enormous benefit that affords you next day and in many places same-day delivery. You’ll also incur cost savings for standard size products — the lighter your products the greater the savings. However, all these savings must be weighed against the price to pay for entry into the Amazon marketplace. Whitebox can help you calculate costs, while accounting for FBA preparation and inbound shipping to Amazon (and outbound shipping to customers) to see if this option is right for your ecommerce fulfillment strategy.
  • Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM): This service will, without a doubt, offer you more transparency and control with your inventory, sales and shipping. And while FBA will typically win out on price for shipping on most products, by using FBM through Whitebox, you’ll have more carrier, and thus shipping, options at your disposal. Whitebox will help you weigh the halo effect the Prime tag could have on your sales so you can decide if FBM is a more cost effective solution for your ecommerce fulfillment strategy.
  • Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP): Whitebox data shows that listing products through Prime drives sales up to 50% more, plain and simple. Luckily for our partners that don’t already have Prime status, Whitebox is an Amazon Prime certified partner. (Not all fulfillment companies can claim that!) Because SFP is complex operationally for ecommerce businesses, it can cost far more than FBM in overhead. But as always, our team at Whitebox will help you determine the right program for your ecommerce fulfillment strategy.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

"Whitebox’s Seller Fulfilled Prime badge enabled the Super Coffee team to provide all consumers a completely branded box and packaging experience, even on Amazon orders. The company wanted to offer expedited shipping across all channels, nationwide — and Whitebox delivered. Over a two-year period, Super Coffee saw a 28% reduction in fulfillment costs and a 36% reduction in FBA fees."

Whitebox’s Amazon Ecommerce Fulfillment Services

As an Amazon Seller, you use the Amazon Seller Central platform to sell, ship, track and manage all aspects of the sale, including fulfillment and returns. Whitebox can take care of all the logistics of your Amazon Seller Central platform — handle storage, preparation and shipping for all your orders. Whether you’re selling on Whitebox’s Seller account or on your brand’s, Whitebox can help you determine the best shipping options for your business, which will vary based on account.

Warehousing and Inventory Distribution for Amazon

Whitebox will ship your products directly to Amazon storage facilities or fulfill your orders from our warehouses. Strategically located storage facilities make it quick and simple to get your product to your customers (or Amazon). Whitebox’s warehouses in Las Vegas, Baltimore and Memphis cover 99% of the U.S. with guaranteed 2-day shipping. We store your product closer to your customers, get it to them faster without allegiance to a specific carrier and return those shipping cost savings to you.

Read our post on the top five things a 3PL can do for your business. 

Amazon Inventory Management with Proprietary WMS

Whitebox’s proprietary technology was built for modern commerce. We deliver insights into both fulfillment and sales to help brands simplify and streamline not just Amazon fulfillment but all ecommerce fulfillment. Check inventory, leverage tools for demand planning, track order fulfillment and manage your expiration date prioritization all in one place. The combination of our technology and expertise helps automate your ecommerce fulfillment process, generate new sales and reduce costs.

Read how fulfillment data can and should drive operational efficiency. 

Amazon Returns Management

Whitebox treats your customers the way we want to be treated as customers. Delivering the best customer experience starts with our team understanding your sales process and your product inside and out. This front-end insight ensures a fast, on-brand and friction-free fulfillment of every order. If the customer isn’t 100% satisfied, we work with your team to deliver the kind of customer care your brand is known for. Plus, we’ll help you analyze return reasons and spot opportunities for improvement.

Read more about how a 3PL can lower your overhead and raise profits. 

Amazon Vendor Central Support

As an Amazon vendor, you are one step removed from the customer, but you are still responsible for handling disputes and chargebacks, which can be time-consuming. Whitebox can help manage many aspects of Vendor Central, including order forecasting, chargeback prevention and dispute resolutions. Our team will ensure it arrives as required, including management of carrier follow-ups related to purchase. 


Customer Success Story

"Since partnering in 2020, Whitebox continues to deliver a tailored fulfillment solution for Pop & Bottle. Whitebox ensures our Amazon inventory is always stocked, supporting our Seller Fulfilled Prime inventory, which has enabled our business to grow and compete within that essential marketplace."

Beverage and Liquid Shipping and Fulfillment for Amazon

Beverage brands face a unique set of challenges in ecommerce order fulfillment that these businesses may not experience in their retail fulfillment. Shipping requirements are more rigorous to protect your product as it makes its journey to the consumer. Amazon requires beverage brand packaging to withstand a three-foot drop test, five times. Whitebox is skilled with working with beverage brands selling on Amazon. Our packing experts will help you overcome ecommerce fulfillment obstacles and help you perform product configuration testing to determine the right kitting, packing materials and box for your products. Whitebox’s ecommerce fulfillment services also include expiration date tracking and prioritization, recommending a first-expiration, first-out approach from our strategically located facilities across the U.S. 

Interested in learning more? Here are 3 Ways to Make or Break Your Beverage Fulfillment.

Partner with Whitebox for all your Amazon fulfillment needs.

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